Shriya Shankar – 95.4% in Class XII CBSE Board Exam.

  • Participated in Cluster Basketball Nationals in Agra (2013),  in Tirupati (2014), in Haryana (2015) , in Chattisgarh (2016) and in Noida (2017).
  • In Athletic in the 4 x 400m relay category, she was the Bronze medalist, the in 2016 Silver medallist in Bangalore Clusters.
  • She was the Vice Captain (2014), School Head Girl (2015) and School Prefect (2017).
  • Interned with Sahas NGO (2015).
  • Interned with Anweshadhii Learning Centre for mentally challenged and autistic children (2016).
  • Interned with Reap Benefit (2016).

Vibha Krishnaprasad Nadig – 97.4% in Class XII CBSE Board Exam.

  • She is the City Topper as well in the Humanities Stream.
  • Assistant Director, Harvard MUN 2017.
  • Amongst top 10 speakers at the National Law School Debate, 2018.
  • Featured by Airplane Poetry Movement on their website.
  • Three times Bronze medallist at CBSE Volleyball Clusters.
  • Designed a new curriculum and taught Government schools in Mysore through the NGO Pratham.
  • Conducted the Government school exchange programme.
  • Worked with Reap Benefit to create sustainable solutions.


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